Collection: 90 x 156

Step into sophistication with our 90" x 156" table linen rental collection, where style meets versatility.

These exquisite linens, available in a range of colors, effortlessly elevate your event, whether it's a grand wedding, corporate gala, or special celebration. The generous size ensures a perfect fit for rectangular tables, creating a seamless and polished appearance.

Explore the curated color palette below, designed to complement any theme or decor. Crafted for elegance and tailored to perfection, our rentals guarantee a captivating atmosphere for your guests. From classic whites to bold hues, these linens offer an impeccable canvas to transform your event tables.

Browse now and discover the unmatched quality and style of our 90" x 156" table linen rentals, where every detail is designed to enhance your memorable occasion. Choose excellence; choose style; choose the perfect fit for your event tables.